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Adventure Addict in love with life coming soon to a high pass near you! I'm training myself mentally and physically for a solo trekking trip to the Himalayas at the end of May, 2010. My trip starts in Delhi India then onwards and upwards to Kashmir and the Pakistan border. From there I follow the northern route across India below the Afghanistan border and across all the highest mountain passes: Khardung La, Rhotang La and Marsimik La touching the Tibet/Chinese border. I will stop to pay my respects to the Dalai Lama in Daramsala and summit Stok Kangri. I will dive the cold waters of Pangong Tso; a high altitude lake that surpass adjectives describing beauty. My journey to the roof of the world has been on my bucket list for a very long time and is now finally becoming reality as the countdown begins to May 27, 2010. I'm still working on my route and itinerary so will post that at the earliest for you to follow along. I'm smiling big...can you tell? Update: Journey completed and Travel Log has begun. Please click on Roxxi in the Himalayas under Roxxi's World on the right hand side for stories, photos and comments. Om Mani Padme Hum

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Urban Trekking

It's been a while since my ankle and finger injury allowed me to get physical but today afterwork was my rebound back into my training. Because mercury was in retrograde nothing is ever smooth but I still managed to adapt and make it work. So here is what happened:
So it is 5:10PM and I had just pulled out of the office parking lot onto St. Francis waiting for the red light. Next thing I know, my neck snapped and I realized that I was just rear ended. Damm. I was just writing down the information of the driver that hit me when a motorcycle cop showed up and directed us off the street onto a parking lot. Luckily no damage to my vehicle but my neck felt a little wierd. Had a great conversation with Officer Otero...if you are reading this thanks for all the great ideas for sponsors for my Himalayan trip!
For all my friends, he's driving a Honda ST 1300!!! Can you imagine all those horses?

I hurried home to change and load up my backpack for an urban gear test. 50 pounds later, I head out to my target REI some 5 km away. It was strange walking on cement and dirt instead of my usual snow. My Pack was so heavy and just try to tie your shoe laces with it's comedic for people watching me trying to keep my balance. Close to REI, I snapped this photo of the Railyard area. In the distance on the left you can see my weekend snow trek, Santa Fe Baldi and the Ski Valley....the object of my weekend adventure and workout.
The heavy pack and poor insoles were taking it's toll. I barely managed to get home in the dark a little after 9PM. Sore back and legs and my soles were tender from the weight. Time to upgrade to better insoles for my trekking boots.  Showered and in my pajamas, I'm typing this in bed knowing I can haul 50 pounds 6.2 miles and still fall asleep with a smile on my face. The countdown begins...24 days to launch!

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  1. Im a tour guide an I use for my communicating device. It's amazing what happens when you start trekking around and you choose the wrong shoes. Oh goodness, just blister after blister and leg fatigue.

    A 50 pound pack is alot for 6.2 miles, I wonder how you did?