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Adventure Addict in love with life coming soon to a high pass near you! I'm training myself mentally and physically for a solo trekking trip to the Himalayas at the end of May, 2010. My trip starts in Delhi India then onwards and upwards to Kashmir and the Pakistan border. From there I follow the northern route across India below the Afghanistan border and across all the highest mountain passes: Khardung La, Rhotang La and Marsimik La touching the Tibet/Chinese border. I will stop to pay my respects to the Dalai Lama in Daramsala and summit Stok Kangri. I will dive the cold waters of Pangong Tso; a high altitude lake that surpass adjectives describing beauty. My journey to the roof of the world has been on my bucket list for a very long time and is now finally becoming reality as the countdown begins to May 27, 2010. I'm still working on my route and itinerary so will post that at the earliest for you to follow along. I'm smiling big...can you tell? Update: Journey completed and Travel Log has begun. Please click on Roxxi in the Himalayas under Roxxi's World on the right hand side for stories, photos and comments. Om Mani Padme Hum

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let it snow...

Getting to work today sure We got about 8 inches of snow last night. I rode my bike and got about half way to work then the bike chains froze on me, so I tried dragging my bike. That got old real I had to finally lock it in front of the Second Street Brewery until I can get it after work. I schlepped the rest of the way to work and thanks to my brand new Ski pants (on sale at REI), I was nice and dry when I arrived :) Here are some photos of my adventure:

My bike route

A Friendly Smile                                                                

Nature's Artwork                                                                                                                                      


Where the hell are my feet???

Looking back at my lonely tracks

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